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At Allways International we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in moving cargo by air around the world. Our expertise spans the globe, with substantial success in the regions of Russia and the Asian Republics of the former Soviet Union (FSU). Un-deterred by borders, we move goods from over 150 companies in 35 countries to Kazakhstan.


As proven logistics network specialists we endeavour to assist clients and their customers in the preparation and processing of the documentation required to move goods efficiently through complex customs procedures. We develop systems in partnership with consignees with detail and care. Each consignment we move, whether CPT or EXW, is handled with the utmost diligence, no shipment is moved without the acceptance of the consignee and communication is treated as paramount throughout the forwarding process.


At Allways we place great value in strong working relationships, we take care to meet shippers and consignees face to face to establish and meet their exact requirements. Our conscientious attention to detail in the documentation we provide to our clients has gained us an unparalleled reputation throughout the FSU.


Our intricate knowledge of the airfreight markets in the FSU allows us to move cargo quickly and efficiently to even the smallest of International airports. At times when volume exceeds the capacity of any aircraft destined for the required location we have the agility to coordinate a variety of shipping modes such as air/truck services to meet any requirement.


We can consolidate cargo at any airport in the world, re-pack cargo and ensure that the correct documentation goes forward to the destination.

With our expertise, diligence, agility and efficiency Allways International are unmatched in the area of global airfreight.

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Allways International Freight Forwarding
Allways International Freight Forwarding
Allways International Freight Forwarding