The Past

Allways was founded by Bill Sullivan in the mid-1980's as a trucking company, moving goods to Switzerland and Turkey amongst others. The company then directed its attention to the opening Russian market and developed one of the earliest line services to Russia via Lithuania. Working with UK Forwarders the service became a strong and vital link to the region. A decision was made to enhance the transport section by concentrating on the forwarding side of the business. This meant that the company was not only supplying the trucks and transport but the knowledge and expertise relied upon by the customers to be successful in the difficult market place of formally communist controlled areas of Central and Eastern Europe.

Allways International (Freight) Forwarding Ltd, was formed in 1998 to complete the transition from the former transport company. This meant that as the demise of the British trucking industry in Europe was well under way the company could use all its former knowledge and contacts to build a network of reliable hauliers agents and partners to service its ever increasing client base. Line services to Poland, and the Balkans were expanded to compliment the already successful Baltic services Allways had the foresight to start multi country collections and this meant that it had an innovative product which lead to a new vision which was fully realised when the European Market place increased without the constraints of borders and customs.

Allways International is therefore a unique company which has transformed from its early days of pioneering into a multi country service operation. Paramount throughout the journey is the customer service levels which are required to be successful to these still difficult markets. Allways will look at a customers requirements and take time to understand the products so they can advise for the best shipping solutions.

The Present

Allways International now operate from its main office in Wickford. The location is close to the London Orbital M25 and the main forwarding area in the East of London where many groupage services operate. Also very close to the newly developing London Gateway. The company also has premises in Poland which is an important strategic location for links to the Eastern side of Europe and beyond . The company now operate in many new areas which have been developed in recent years.

Cross trade is a strong part of the company shipping goods from many countries to Eastern and Central Europe and the Former Soviet Union and the Asian Republics of Kazakhstan,Turkmenistan,Kyrgystan,Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Transport is carried outby Air, Road, Rail and Sea dependant on the clients requirements. Allways has a vibrant group of people who understand and react to the customers and never have pre conceived ideas and remain flexible at all times. However they have experience in their specialist markets and will find tailor made solutions to forward your goods.

Outside of Europe Allways have well established agents appointed in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Vietnam, Australia and USA.

The Future

The company intends to continue to secure the right portfolio of clients who can work together with us to enhance our business and it is important for us to remain at a high service level. Although Allways has grown over recent years it is vital that it is not at the expense of our customers.We are interested in new developments in technology and will utilise these to give us an efficient working platform to perform to the highest levels.

Communication remains at the forefront of our business environment and we endeavour to be available for our clients throughout the world when they need us. New markets and changes to the world economy always have our interest and we are constantly investigating new possibilities and transport links. Clients have experienced and benefited from our holistic approach to logistics and we pride ourselves on our special relationships with them.

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